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Dray Hub is the best choice for local port container drayage services for the local Port of Miami and Port Everglades. We’re conveniently located, in South Florida, for optimal route selection from both ports. Our drivers have years of experience in drayage transportation and are able to give you detailed updates. We fully equip ourselves with the best assets available to make sure every drayage shipment gets to its destination on time. Local competitors often reach out to us to complement their 3PL operations.

Tech-Based Local Port

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We make use of our completely in-house developed transportation management system, TruckHub, to keep every party informed on the shipments status. TruckHub connects shippers, dispatchers, and drivers all on one, easy to use platform. It gives you detailed automated updates, live tracking, full transparency for your shipment, and much more. TruckHub, along with our other tech-based & asset-based solutions, makes us the best choice in South Florida for local container drayage to and from the Port of Miami and Port Everglades.

For more information, follow us each week for the latest drayage transportation news or contact DrayHub here.

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Logistics Trucking Company
that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide, local or to our 3PL warehouse. Request a free quote today!

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Tech-Based Solutions in Container Drayage Imports/Exports
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