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Efficient and Trackable Nationwide Container Drayage.

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At DrayHub, we have well-established relationships with carriers near almost every port in the United States. Modern businesses and supply chains are increasingly freeing themselves of international boundaries as imports and exports continue to grow with each passing year.

It’s your shipment and your endpoint. We use our in-house developed TMS, TruckHub, to give businesses new, heightened levels of visibility and communication with their shipments. Our on-demand technology provides cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions, so more businesses can focus on their unique business model/goal. Our tested and reliable nationwide team is your one point of contact for drayage throughout the US.

TruckHub gives businesses a new level of management for all of their shipments. All of our nationwide shipments are managed using TruckHub. TruckHub is our in-house developed TMS that connects shippers, dispatchers, and drivers all on one, simple to use platform.

It offers live tracking, asset management, and much more. From the moment your drayage begins its journey TruckHub is the main method of communication. From A to B TruckHub is there to support you and your nationwide drayage transportation.


Nationwide Container Drayage Advantages:

  • Less than 2 Miles from Miami International Airport

  • Minutes from Port of Miami and Port of Everglades
  • In-House Bonded Container Freight Station
  • Service All Major Ports on the East Coast, West Coast and the Gulf
  • GPS Tracking on all trucks
  • Track Container status Through TruckHub
  • All New Freightliner Fleet model years 2015 and newer
  • The Nations Gateway to South America and The Caribbean


Our nationwide container drayage services can handle freighted goods at an intermodal point, warehouse, or marine point.


Once at the cargo location, we will safely separate the cargo, load it, and take it to the subsequent destination points.


At DrayHub our clients know that our drayage solutions are all done in-house; if we don’t do it in-house we don’t do it at all. We have strategically combined asset-based solutions with blended brokerage solutions, allowing us to provide a high level of service, that our competitors do not come close to.

Controlling the environment allows us to pass more than successful project completion- consumer confidence.

On-Demand Container Drayage Services


One initial and continuous requirement about being a DrayHub employee is the level of commitment that is needed. Following both state and federal regulations as well as ethical concerns is an absolute for our operations and no exceptions are given.

Each employee undergoes annual training and is tested throughout the year to ensure our services are 100% compliant. Guaranteed.

Tech-Em(powered) Drayage Transportation


Our office setting isn’t your typical trucking company feel; our team is young, innovative, and enjoy using the latest technology to solve real-world problems. Successfull 3PL project completion requires detail-oriented & knowledge individuals, and we only employ the best. Complemented with company-owned trailers, containers, trucks, chassis, and more allows us to become than a typical 3PL provider.

Work with us and you will see a major difference in how things are done. Our technology reflects our philosophy- transparency with functional 3PL functionalities.

Asset-Based Drayage Transportation


Container Freight Station

Asset-based trucking and warehousing less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.

Container Drayage

Customizable Container Drayage services including committed capacity and modal alternatives selected to fit your needs

Nationwide Container Drayage

Our tested and reliable nationwide team is your one point of contact for drayage throughout the United States.

Yard Storage

5-Acre Yard Storage Space In South Florida. You can trust our containers to safely and securely store your goods and equipment.

Heavy Hauling

Asset-based trucking and warehousing less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.

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