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  • Top 3 Reverse Logistics Companies SoFlo 05/27/2021
    The first thing we must clarify is what reverse logistics is. Put simply reverse logistics, is defined as something returning through the supply chain. Some examples are returns by customers or distribution partners, refurbishment or repair, and recycling or other end-of-life processes. Returns are something that you will inevitably have to deal with and, making […]
  • Top 8 Event Logistics Companies in Miami 05/27/2021
    While events may currently be on hold due to the pandemic, events will return and soon. With the return of live events, you will want a partner to manage the event’s logistics. Picking the right event logistics company is paramount. An excellent events logistics company will be familiar with the venues in the local area […]
  • Top 4 Hotel Logistics Companies in Miami 03/23/2021
    Miami is a tourist hotspot and, as a result, has a lot of hotels. These hotels range in size and quality. They all need a constant stream of supplies, from food to cleaning equipment, to remain operational. On top of this, hotels must re-design from time to time to avoid becoming dated and dingy. All […]
  • Top 3 Best logistics companies in Miami 01/26/2021
    Considering the number of logistics companies in Miami, it can be hard to decide which company to use. Picking the right company is critical. Whether you are dealing with complex supply chain solutions or a standard shipment, you need to make sure it is right for you. 3. Miami Logistics Hub Miami logistics hub (MLH) […]
  • Top 10 Trucking Companies in Florida 01/21/2021
    When shipping something in the Sunshine State, it can be quite difficult to decide whom to use. With so many options, it can cause the paradox of choice. However, with such a large variety of options comes a variety of qualities. Here we have a compilation of the best trucking companies in the state to […]
  • Get More Out Of Your Supply Chain Management System 01/12/2021
    In many ways, the supply chain is the bread and butter of the transport and logistics industry. Yet, very few operations view their supply chain management systems as working efficiently to meet their needs.  For a proper process, you need to find ways to optimize your supply chain management system. Few supply chain professionals can […]
  • Benefits of Online Freight Quote Services 11/18/2020
    Before online services took over the logistics world, most consumers relied on freight brokers to get quotes. To better understand who they are, a definition would suffice. A freight broker is an individual or company that acts as a middle man between a consumer and freight company.  Such brokers, though prevalent in the industry, don’t […]
  • Logistics Challenges for 2021 11/16/2020
    In 2017, members of the American Trucking Association (ATA) paid a visit to the White House. They got to sit down with President Donald Trump and air out their grievances. One of the main issues they tackled was Health Care since they’re concerned about how Obama Care impedes truckers’ healthcare.  From then on, no shortage […]
  • Transforming the Supply Chain Landscape: The Real-Time Tracking Systems for Trucks 09/16/2020
    Have you ever thought how fleet and supply chain managers faced challenges before the entry of real-time tracking systems for trucks? Third-party logistics and supply chain companies have plenty of opportunities at their disposal thanks to the entry of real-time tracking technologies for fleet vehicles. The groundbreaking tracking technologies play a fundamental role in bridging […]
  • The Impacts of Trump Trade Deals to the Trucking Industry 08/31/2020
    Earlier in 2018, the United States’ President Donald Trump threatened to implement tariffs on various lines of imports from countries such as China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union nations. Such tariffs triggered various ideologies from economists, trade analysts, and business magnates who questioned the sustainability of the existing trade ties between the US and […]