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    Luis Lopez Currently, there are several products in the market that need a perfectly planned strategy from the beginning point up to the delivery point. This is where retail logistics comes in, to ensure everything is in place ‌to provide preferable delivery services at minimal costs alongside well-organized logistics and added value. As the retail […]
  • Third-Party Solutions Guide (3PL) 05/06/2022
    Luis Lopez Fulfilling customer orders is always the priority of any business’s day-to-day operation. The process often starts when the customer places the order and ends when the product has reached the customer’s doorstep. While it may seem to be a simple process, things may become quite complex when you start factoring in the customer’s […]
  • What is a 3PL Provider? Ins and Outs of Third-Party Logistics Providers 05/03/2022
    A 3PL provider meaning a company that offers outsourced logistics services to other businesses. This can include anything from warehousing and fulfillment to transportation and delivery. 3PL providers can be a great option for businesses that need assistance with logistics but don’t have the staff or resources to do everything themselves. This article will discuss […]
  • Cross-Docking VS Traditional Warehosuing 05/03/2022
    Luis Lopez Ideally, the aim of any shipping strategy is to convey products from a business to a consumer with minimal time, cost and damage. However, most small businesses have no understanding of the differences between cross-docking and traditional warehouse services. What are the differences between cross-docking and traditional warehousing? Cross Docking Port Cross-docking simply […]
  • Oversized Loading in Freight Transportation Explained 04/28/2022
    Luis Lopez Considering that road transportation is the main mode of transport, it is important for truck drivers to know everything about oversized loading. This article explains in detail all there is about oversized loading, permits, and costs of permits in freight transportation. What is Oversized Loading? Oversized loading is experienced when transport vehicles haul […]
  • Can I Be My Own Transport Manager? 04/22/2022
    Luis Lopez Can I be my own transport manager? Yes, and there are plenty of benefits. You can save on wages while still maintaining proper oversight over drivers, oversee the maintenance of vehicles, and keep an eye on the broader operation. However, you should be aware that running your own transport business involves working long, […]
  • Essential features in transport management system 04/22/2022
    Luis Lopez When choosing the best transportation management system, you need to consider the features and functions that it offers. For example, a TMS may plan loading space and calculate the amount of space available for different loads. It may also calculate the maximum load per vehicle and save that information as master data. The […]
  • How to Secure a Container to a Chassis? 04/22/2022
    Luis Lopez In this article, we shall discuss how to secure a container to a chassis and the types of lock for a container. Do you think it is significant to secure a container to a chassis?  Let’s dive in!  Container Chassis Ever thought of how intermodal containers are secured onto a chassis? One has […]
  • What is Transloading in Logistics Explained? 04/15/2022
    Luis Lopez Ideally, the supply chain process cannot be complete without undergoing the transloading process. Transloading happens around you if you are in the supply chain management, maybe you haven’t heard of the term “Transloading”. The intermodal shipping process simplifies transloading. In this article, we shall discuss what is transloading in detail. What is Transloading? […]
  • What Is Transport Logistics Management? 04/12/2022
    Luis Lopez If you’ve ever wondered what transport logistics is, you’ve come to the right place. This discipline involves inventory planning, goods storage, and demand forecasting. Its primary purpose is to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase reliability. Listed below are some of the benefits of this practice. They may surprise you. Read on to […]