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  • Transforming the Supply Chain Landscape: The Real-Time Tracking Systems for Trucks 09/16/2020
    Have you ever thought how fleet and supply chain managers faced challenges before the entry of real-time tracking systems for trucks? Third-party logistics and supply chain companies have plenty of opportunities at their disposal thanks to the entry of real-time tracking technologies for fleet vehicles. The groundbreaking tracking technologies play a fundamental role in bridging […]
  • The Impacts of Trump Trade Deals to the Trucking Industry 08/31/2020
    Earlier in 2018, the United States’ President Donald Trump threatened to implement tariffs on various lines of imports from countries such as China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union nations. Such tariffs triggered various ideologies from economists, trade analysts, and business magnates who questioned the sustainability of the existing trade ties between the US and […]
  • How the Trump Trade Deals Affected the Logistics Industry 08/04/2020
    Trade reforms and deals have impacts on the overall sustainability of the business sector, especially when executed at the international level. Often, trade regulations regarding exports and imports of a country bring about positive and negative impacts concerning multilateral relations and trade ties. In some instances, such trade reforms aim at regulating competition and improving […]
  • Revitalizing Logistics Through Tech-Enabled Services: Moves to Counter the Effects of COVID-19 07/29/2020
    The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 has altered every sector of development across regions. The subsequent enforcement of several measures, including partial and total lockdowns as well as movement cessation in different countries, have directly changed the typical operational landscape. For instance, the business sector is one of the functioning areas that […]
  • FTL Hub in South Florida delivers nationwide transport solutions 07/14/2020
    FTL Hub is the ultimate provider of dedicated and tech-based 3PL services. Based in Miami, FTL Hub operates in 48 states across the nation and offers a full truck, refrigerated, heavy hauling, expedited freight, and dry van services. FTL Hub prides itself as one of the best logistics hubs that offer full truckload services in the […]
  • New Warehouse Hub For E-Commerce In South Florida 06/30/2020
    New Warehouse Hub for E-Commerce in South Florida South Florida has the busiest international freight airport – Miami International Airport (MIA), which has the highest number of flights to the Caribbean and Latin America. Therefore, it has a large share of e-Commerce businesses as it strategically located. WHSE Hub is the new warehouse hub for […]
  • An Inside Look Into Florida 3PL Industry 06/08/2020
    Florida is known for its beautiful orange groves, sandy beaches, and the big-eared mouse. However, for 3PL companies, Florida means much more. Florida is the state that logistics and distribution business booms thanks to its infrastructure. The transportation, broader wholesale trade, and logistics industry employ more than 500,000 Floridians. This is a testament on how […]
  • Which Supply Chain Certification is Best? 05/26/2020
    Supply chain drives the retail and manufacturing industries globally, which makes it a great field to venture. It is the network created by manufacturers and their suppliers in producing and distributing a product to the final consumer. To ace your way through the supply chain management and emerge successfully, you need several certifications. Best Supply […]
  • 3 Scenarios For The "New Normal” In Logistics 04/20/2020
    Covid19 has taken the logistics industry and the entire world like a storm. No one expected the huge challenges that we are all facing. How is and will be our new normal during the rest of the year 2020. Some experts suggest that social distance could last until 2022. Let’s take a look at three […]
  • Tips To Maintaining Supply Chain Flow 04/15/2020
    By: FreightGuru Experts are estimating a 30% decline in the global shipping market through May in these COVID19 times. Supply chains are suffering from a unique event that cut everyone by surprise.  Numerous steamboat lines have canceled entire lanes. There is a high possibility that we will continue to see more shipping disturbances in Q3 […]